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EDGE Middle School Youth Ministry

Welcome to the Edge page on our brand new parish website! This is where you will find all the information regarding the Youth Edge Program for students in Gr 6-8.

Registration for Edge 2023/2024 is NOW OPEN!! Please register your child for Edge through the button below! 

This year, Edge will be in person at the parish. The first night is on October 27.  

If you are a student on this page, welcome! Thank you for giving our page a look and for your interest in the Edge program! We hope you would consider joining us, even if it's just for a night to try to it out. If you are a parent of a student in Gr 6-8, please consider having your child join Edge for this upcoming school year to help their relationship with Christ, play fun games, and enjoy the night with other students in their grade! 

Edge at SFDS is a welcoming, safe, and encouraging environment, where we help each other grow in our relationship with God and while having some fun along the way! 

We cannot thank you enough for the support you have given to the youth of our parish!

If you have any questions about the Edge Youth Group, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Youth Minister, Noah Aquino, by phone at (905) 683-1403 ext. 100 or through email at

Take care and may God bless each and every one of you. 


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What is EDGE?
EDGE is a Catholic Middle School Youth Ministry program. It provides a safe, fun place for youth to find a solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about the faith, and most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way. EDGE resources speak to the physical, psychological, cognitive, relational, and spiritual maturation of middle school youth.EDGE resources make it easier for youth ministers to plan out their semesters of Edge Night, retreats, and to train a team of adults, the Core Team, to assist them in the ministry. The resources present Catholic teaching in a way that young people can understand.
Why is EDGE important?
Societal shifts have made the middle school years more difficult than ever. Today, middle school youth are experiencing threats of violence, availability of drugs and alcohol, and pervasiveness of sex and pornography are the new norm. Not only are they faced with these tough realities but they are also in the process of moving from being family-centered to friend-centered. Peers gain greater influence and parental authority is called into question. As they shift socially they are also experiencing tremendous changes emotionally and intellectually. As they wade through all the difficulties of this time of life, they have real questions and need real answers. If parish leaders ignore the unique challenges of their middle school youth, they risk losing them forever.
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"That is why the EDGE Middle School Youth Program is an essential part of any Parish Youth Ministry. EDGE is created specifically to reach out to this impressionable age group and lead them closer to Christ"